Courses Offered at Brookdale's Environmental and Earth Sciences Field Station

Oceanography OCNG 111

Physical Geology GEOL 101

Environmental Studies ENVR 105

Marine Biology BIOL 207

Coastal Zone Management OCNG 212

Marine Chemistry CHEM 117

Coastal Geology GEOL 205



Oceanography OCNG 111  4 Credits

Students will be aware of the development of Oceanography as a science and its importance in today's rapidly changing world. This course will provide the basic concepts associated with the sciences utilized in marine study: geology, biology, physics and chemistry. Course work will include the use of marine instruments on a boating trip, lab instrument use, identification of marine organisms, scheduled marine study along the shoreline and lab exercises designed to supplement the above-listed sciences. All classroom and lab activities are scheduled at Brookdale's Sandy Hook Laboratory, Gateway National Recreation Area. (Prerequisite or Corequisite: MATH-021, MATH-025 or passing score in algebra on Basic Skills test.

Physical Geology  GEOL 101  4 Credits

Students will discuss the nature of the materials that make up the earth: rocks and minerals. They will discuss their distribution and origin, and the processes and forces that alter, transport and distort these materials and the way in which they become involved in the development of the landscape. All classroom and lab activities are scheduled at Brookdale's Sandy Hook Laboratory, Gateway National Recreation Area. (Prerequisite or Corequisite: MATH 021, MATH 025 or passing score in algebra on Basic Skills Test)

There will be 2 all day field trips scheduled for the semester as well as other field based activities in the lab section


Environmental Studies ENVR 105   3 Credits

The student will be able to describe and discuss the earth and its deteriorating environment, basic ecological relationships, man's interdependence with the physical and social environment and the responsibility to this system. This is a general education course for non-science majors. (Prerequisites or Co requisites: MATH 021 or MATH 025 and READ 092 or READ 095 or passing scores in algebra and reading on Basic Skills Test)

While still following the same basic curriculum as the other sections of ENVR 105, the Sandy Hook section will include more field activities.


Marine Biology BIOL 207  4 Credits

This course is designed for students majoring in marine biology, marine studies or ecology. Through classroom and laboratory experiences the student will be able to identify the environmental parameters of marine habitats and their effect on the distribution on marine flora and fauna. Students will collect and identify numerous representatives of local marine forms, both in laboratory and field settings. The students will also demonstrate proficiency in the utilization of various types of equipment used to complete such tasks, and demonstrate knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and behavior of marine organisms.

NOTE this course only offered in the Summer I and Summer II terms.

Prerequisite: A grade of "C" or higher in Bio 102 or OCNG 111

Coastal Zone Management  OCNG 212  4 Credits

Students will demonstrate knowledge of the shore areas terrestrial and marine environments, identify resources (their use/misuse) and study conservative alternatives to the above area. This course offers techniques for monitoring pollutants, on-site visits to industries, test laboratories, treatment plants and field study sites. The course uses the interdisciplinary involvement of other sciences and non-sciences related to the study of the shore environment.

Prerequisites: OCNG 111 or ENVR 105

Intro to Marine Chemistry CHEM 117   4 Credits

Lecture, field and laboratory work all focus on analyzing the normal cycles that occur in the marine environment throughout the year and how environmental pollution effects these cycles.  Laboratory work will focus on learning techniques that will be applied to analyzing the actual conditions present in our local marine waters.

Prerequisite: Chem 100 or High School Chemistry

Intro to Coastal Geology GEOL 205   4 Credits

This course will explore the geologic processes that have formed and continue to change the coastlines of New Jersey. The class and labs will study the various components of the New Jersey coast headlands, barrier beaches, spits, barrier islands, and estuarine beaches. Management aspects will be integrated throughout as well as mapping techniques.

Prerequisite OCNG 111 or GEOL 101 or permission of instructor