Interior Design A.A.S. Program

This program provides intensive, job focused education in order to prepare students for entry-level positions in Interior Design. Career studies courses will provide training in the following categories: manual and computer-aided drafting skills, two- and three-dimensional visualization skills, space planning, universal design concepts, lighting and building systems, codes, historical developments in the built environment, trade information and business practices.

Graduates of this program will be able to:

(1) Create interior design drawings using both manual and computer-aided drafting techniques.

(2) Create interior design documents necessary for the completion of a design project.

(3) Demonstrate appropriate selection of interior finishes and furnishings based on performance criteria and applicable codes and standards.

(4) Demonstrate the appropriate application of
codes, regulations, and standards that pertain
to interior environments.

(5) Apply elements and principles of design.

Apply universal design principles to their design

(7) Understand the historical development of
architecture, furniture and interiors.

(8) Discuss lighting effects and applications as they
apply to interior environments.

(9) Explain the relationship between human behavior
and the built environment.

(10) Discuss the role of ethics in professional practice.

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