Police Web Links

www.officer.com - This site provides access to a wide variety of information including all American police sites, international police sites, and job opportunities.

www.theblueline.com - A listing of police jobs nationwide

www.communitypolicing.org - Community Policing Consortium web page. Everything you want to know about community policing.

www.cops.udoj.gov/ - Department of Justice site for community policing.

www.popcenter.org/ - Provides specific examples of problem oriented policing and problem specific guides.

U.S. Government Web Links

www.ncjrs.gov/ - National Criminal Justice Reference Service provides information on every aspect of criminal justice.

www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/ - Site for data from the National Criminal Victimization Survey.

www.fbi.gov - Use to find out about the FBI or to find information from the Uniform Crime Report.

www.usdoj.gov - Web site for the United States Department of Justice

www.fjrsc.urban.org/index.cfm - Federal Justice Resource Center contains information in defendants and suspects processed by the Department of Justice. Also provides a complete list of US government sites.

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