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Center for WWII Studies

Brookdale's WWII Center Partners with Library of Congress

The Center for World War II Studies and Conflict Resolution has become an official partner of Library of Congress's Veteran's History Project.

Partners in the Library of Congress (LOC) project include veterans and military organizations, libraries and archives, museums, oral history programs, universities, and civic organizations. All are cooperating organizations willing to commit resources to promote the Veterans History Project.

The Brookdale Center has already taped 33 interviews with New Jersey World War II veterans. These and additional productions are scheduled for public viewing over the Brookdale cable system and will also be made available via the LOC. Interviews conducted using other methods will also be retained by the Center, as well as the LOC, for access and use by the College community and public.

"The Center is documenting first hand accounts of our veterans' experiences to ensure the legacy of World War II is available to future generations," explained Paul Zigo, Director, Center for World War II Studies and Conflict Resolution.

To access a list of tapes now available for viewing and/or use in the classroom please use one of the following links:

"Triumphant Spirit: America's World War II Generation Speaks"
  "Library of Congress/Brookdale Veterans History Project Partnership"

For more information about the Veterans History Project, call 732-224-2099 or follow this link to connect to the Library of Congress.

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