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Triumphant Spirit: America's World War II Generation Speaks

"Triumphant Spirit: America's World War II Generation Speaks"

Triumphant Spirit is a series of programs that feature the stories of a generation that fought and won the Second World War. No matter how they fought the war or where - on the home front or the battlefield - each veteran feature in the series contributed valiantly to a victory that changed the 20th century. They tell their stories in their own words. They are stories of actions and deeds that not only shaped the outcome of the war, but the very world we live in today.

Distinguished Program Participants

Sam Bakal Vincent Gorman John Krueger Gennaro Raso
Irving Bauman Richard Gough Al Meserlin Zach Roberts
Gilmon Brooks Stuyvesant Hiller Hugh Mc Mahon Joseph Robinson
Geraldine Brandow Stan Hoffman John Miller Peter Rubino
Max Brudner Milton Holmes James R. Mitchell James Serano
Charles Costigan Ralph Jeffers Ted Narozanick Peter Scoles
William Costigan Edwin Jennings Dorothy Pietro Edward Turrell
William Foley Christine Raso Samuel Kaye George Waple
Peggy Flanagan Leonard Lomell James Woolsey
Peter Scoles Gilmon Brooks Ted Naronzanick
Peter Scoles Gilmon Brooks Ted Narozanick

Viewing Triumphant Spirit

Triumphant Spirit: America's World War II Generation Speaks, a series produced by Brookdale's TV Production staff, currently features thirty-six (36) veterans. The program titles are listed below. The first completed video, Gilmon Brooks, was premiered at a celebration held January 29, 2002, at the Brookdale Performing Arts Center. In Monmouth County, NJ, the series programs are shown over COMCAST Cablevision Channel 21 on Wednesdays at 12noon and 8pm and on Sundays, 12noon and 8pm.

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