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As a recipient of a Federal Work Study Award, you are being given a unique opportunity to gain practical work experience along with your college education.† This award allows you to work either on-campus or in designated off-campus sites.† This work experience can be helpful in your search for a job after graduation.† Opportunities for employment on campus include positions in Counseling areas, Human Services, Bookstore, College Commons, Registration, Financial Aid, Math/Science area, Computer Science area, Student Activities, Gym, and the Performing Arts Center.† Some of the job duties could include peer tutoring, clerical, data entry, and athletic assistants. The hourly wage for Federal Work Study is $7.50 per hour.


The Financial Aid Office provides you with three ways to be considered for the Federal Work Study Program:

  1. Indicate that you are interested in Federal Work Study when completing your FAFSA
  2. Indicate that you are interested in Federal Work Study when you complete your BCC Confidential
  3. Call the Financial Aid Office at 732-224-2361, or come to the Financial Aid Office and ask!


You will know whether or not you have been awarded Federal Work Study when you receive your financial aid award letter. Your Federal Work Study award represents an amount you may EARN as wages during the school year and will not be deducted from your term bill. If you received an award and you are not interested in participating in the Federal Work Study Program, please call the Financial Aid Office and ask to have your FWS award removed.

If your award letter does not include FWS and you are interested in the program, please call the Financial Aid Office. As long as you are enrolled in a minimum of six credits and qualify, you will be put on a waiting list until which time funds become available.

If you do not qualify for Federal Work Study, you may contact the Experiential Learning and Career Services Department and apply for a job through the College's Student Help Program. The office is located on the ground level of teh MAC Building - Room 105. You can phone them by calling (732) 224-2792.

Students who qualify under financial aid for the Federal Work Study Program or Student Help under the college work program meet with Career Services staff who match the student's skills with appropriate campus jobs.


In order to participate in the Federal Work Study Program, all students are required to attend an Orientation Session. Your first paycheck will include one hour for attending this MANDATORY session.† You will need to bring your Driverís license and Social Security card in order to complete an I-9 Form, necessary for employment. Please contact Career Services at 732-224-2792 for information about Orientation Sessions.