Facilities Summer Work Request Form

Summer 2005


Please fill out form for facilities related work.  Deadline for all requests is due to Facilities Office no later than March 15, 2005.


Date:               March 4, 2005

Requestor:     David Murray

Department:  Bankier Library

Division:         Ed Services

Location:        Bankier Library


 Description: Bankier Library 1st Floor    Click for 2nd Floor   DTS


Location Repair Needed Related Picture
LIB 142 Ceiling Tiles Stained or Missing  
Around courtyard windows Ceiling Tiles Stained or Missing
LIB 125 Ceiling Tiles Stained or Missing     
Between LIB 125 & LIB 124 Ceiling Tiles Stained or Missing
Between LIB 117 & LIB 116 Ceiling Tiles Stained or Missing   
Ladies Room LIB 115 Ceiling Tiles Stained or Missing  
Throughout Library Carpet Stained  
Near Table G LIB 125 Peeling Paint & Ceiling Damage  
LIB 114 & 115 Paint Doors  
LIB 114 Wall Chipped  
LIB 113 Wall around door chipped  
Table R Carpet runs  
Help Desk Carpet Ripped  
Help Desk Electrical outlets not working  
Atrium - Stairway Carpet Runs
Atrium Add halogen lighting to display cases  
Library entrance Ripped carpet
Library entrance Missing floor tiles  
Library entrance Gate pads worn
Library entrance Tile separating  
Front Lobby Carpet tiles coming up
Outside front entrance Needs cleaning


 Program Impact:



Availability date(s) of the space for work to be done:  June, July, August


 Required Completion Date : End of August



 Suggested Funding Source:



 Ed Services Submission Approval:


 Division Chair:_______________________            Sue Desiderato:_____________________



  Facilities Feedback/Cost Validation:




 Ed Svcs Final Approval


 Sue Desiderato:_____________________              Johanna Kobran:____________________


 Cost Center Code:_____________________________________________________________


Approved copies to: Lou Goetting, Johanna Kobran