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Welcome to the working ESMP demographic document! The working document is available for download in Microsoft Word. It is divided into 4 sections, each set up in a 3 column, tabular format defined below:

  • The first column, titled "data," holds specific information gleaned from various resources (e.g., Monmouth County Planning Board documents).
  • The second column is for expected implications each item might have on Brookdale Community College.
  • The third column is for recommendations based on the expected implications.

Thoughts and comments on this information, or new data itself - are welcome.

Please feel free to download each section, read it, add your own thoughts, save the document, and email back the saved attachment, including your comments to All comments will be compiled.

The documents

Section 1: Population (demographic), education, employment, Fort Monmouth, Other

Section 2: BCC students, completion/graduation/retention, Basic skills, BCC students: 5-year trend

Section 3: Technology, Textbooks, Funding

Section 4: Non-traditional student

[The complete draft of the ESMP is available here]

Below are links to data sources, sorted by topic, used. Anything missing? Email the document or URL, along with a brief summary, to

Topic Summary/URL

F.C.C. Takes a Close Look at the Unwired

The New York Times

An overview about about FCC data on broadband Internet adoption

Click here


Two Thirds of U.S. Users Have Broadband, Says FCC


Click here


The Future of the Internet IV

Pew Research Center

"A survey of nearly 900 Internet stakeholders reveals fascinating new perspectives on the way the Internet is affecting human intelligence and the ways that information is being shared and rendered."

Click here

Geographic, demographic & economic

2009 Monmouth County Profile

Monmouth County Planning Board

Provides geographic, demographic, economic, and employment data for Monmouth County.

Click here

Demographic & economic

2009 Demographic & Economic Statistics

Monmouth County Planning Board

Provides raw data tables.

Click here

Economic, employment

2009-2010 Review & Outlook NJ Labor Areas

NJ Department of Labor & Workforce Development

Provides labor market and economic data and analysis.

Click here

Economy, employment & population

Community Fact Book - Monmouth County Edition

NJ Department of Labor & Workforce Development

Reports on industry trends, employment and unemployment data, and population data and projections.

Click here

Achievement Gap

Video: Rod Paige on closing the achievement gap

Click here

Census Marketing the 2010 Census with a conservative-friendly face

The Washington Post

Click here

Demographic portrait of four generations

Pew Research Center

Click here - Link to an interactive graphic


Millenials: Confident. Connected. Open to change.

Pew Research Center

"America's newest generation, the Millennials, is in its coming-of-age phase. Who are they? How are they different? How are they being shaped by their moment in history? And how might they reshape America in the future? The Pew Research Center sets out to answer these questions in a yearlong series of original reports that explore the behaviors, values and opinions of today’s teens and twenty-somethings."

Click here

Millenials A quiz
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